Pachamama Friendly

Eco Friendly


We believing in making the World a better place, and for that reason we focus on taking care of our Mother Nature. We live a life that is environmental-friendly, where we work together towards protecting and conserving the environment by reducing the carbon footprint. At Vidal Expeditions, we do not use plastic, and demonstrate that a world without plastic is possible.

Choosing the right operator goes a long way when it comes to sustainability. At Vidal expeditions we know how important is our world and our team are well trained to conserve every part of our environment during all our excursions.

Vidal Expeditions cretes special program to help conserving our world and the first step is to don't use plastique bottle during our excursions and motivated to our customers to use water filters.

Leave no trace, our team re trained to collect trash along the route and teach to clients that we can change this world better for the future generation