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Welcome to Vidal Expeditions, a local tour operator based in Cusco, Peru. Founded in 2016 and since then, with a lot of passion and dedication, we have been growing over the years, and now we are among the top 10 tour operators in Cusco, thanks to the professionalism of each of our team members who decided to support the different excursions that Vidal Expeditions offers.

Vidal Expeditions

Vidal Gamboa


Vidal Gamboa is the director and founder of Vidal Expeditions, was born in a small village in the Andes surrounded by mountains, and working as farmer since he was kid. his first language was quechua due their parents speak this native language. He studied his elementary and high school in the same village and move to Cusco to study tourism in the university. While he was studing he also work supporting himself and his parest in different ways.

Vidal Gamboa
Manager and Founder

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