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Vidal Expeditions, have created A HAND FOR OUR BROTHERS, a local foundation to help neighboring communities located around Cusco region. Tourism is one of the biggest industries that involves millions of people in the world, but many local businesses and communities do not benefit from it. A HAND FOR OUR BROTHERS, have been created to break this cycle by supporting and uplifting community tourism around Cusco. Economic opportunities are created, places are protected and culture are celebrated through travel. Community impact projects spanning education, healthcare, small business development, and conservation awareness are touch points that mark our 5-year long collaboration with A HAND FOR OUR BROTHERS, an independent non-profit organization committed to the socio-economic development of rural communities bordering our areas of operation.


A HAND FOR OUR BROTHERS is a registered (Non-Governmental Organization in Cusco) offering many possibilities of volunteer service for men and women who wish to devote a few weeks or up to two months of their lives to international volunteer work. We provide an integrated development experience consisting of practical leadership opportunities, International Internships and participation in a global learning environment. We aim to put our volunteer’s skills to use in supporting the development initiatives of local communities in Cusco.


Our objective is to collaborate with local communities to overcome economic and social challenges through a working partnership that directs resources toward sustainable projects. Special focus is given to support their kids and their educational endeavors. Vidal Expeditions is based in Cusco, Peru. The company was created by Vidal, an ex-tour guide for the Inca Trail, among others. He was born in one of the highland Andean villages where he had a difficult life growing up. After his studies, he created this company to give something back to his community and other local villages. Since Vidal Expeditions has been open, we have done many social projects in benefit of the Andean people, as well as practicing sustainable tourism. Not only do we complete social projects, we also take good care of the staff who work for our company. We pay them above average wages, supply them with health and life insurance, and always respect the state and national laws written for the workers. In addition, we also help the villages our staff live in, especially in assisting with the children’s needs. We provide hygienic supplies every three months, as well as computers, books and other educational necessities. We have even brought teachers to their schools. It would be hard for us to give back to the community without the help of our clients, who trust us to take them on their journeys. We don’t just provide great services, but we also send your money to support our social projects, for the benefit of the villages and its children. By choosing and traveling with Vidal Expeditions, you choose to take part in the wonderful social projects that our company is creating and supporting.



You can bring school supplies and leave them with Vidal Expeditions at the office and we can take them to the kids on your behalf. Or you can make a donation to the Vidal Expeditions PayPal account.


Along many years some villages have been forgotten by our Peruvian government, especially those villages located away of the cities in the heart of the mountains which do not even have access to cars and people can only arrive walking or by horses. We consider that our region Cusco receives more than a million tourists per year which would make you think that Cusco is the richest region BUT it’s not. Considered as one of the poorest regions in Peru due to the money collected from tourists being sent to Lima. You can bring some clothes that you don’t use any more, they can give a second chance and be useful. Also, you can help with some donation through the Vidal Expeditions PayPal.