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+51 951 359 694

+51 951 359 694

The Core Values of Vidal Expeditions

Here at Vidal’s expeditions we believe in five core principles. We constantly thrive to meet these for ourselves and our customers:


"Smiling releases endorphins and is contagious! It is important to do things that make us smile and to live life to the full. Vidal Expeditions tour guides aim to make our customers smile - live each day how you want and surround yourself with all that makes you smile. You can be sure that our high adrenaline activities or our fascinating ancient tours facilitated by our professional staff will make you smile.


The world has so many fascinating secrets that are still being discovered. Exploring takes us out of our comfort zone whilst inspiring us to explore further. If our ancestors had not explored so long ago we would not know of the  breathtaking wonders that we can explore today - open your eyes to your surroundings, push yourself further every day and explore every beautiful possibility the world has to offer you.


Learning is what keeps us growing. Keep us curious and pushes us to be a better version of ourselves. Passing knowledge to others is what makes the world go round! Let me and my team teach you all the wonders that Peru has to offer and see sights that you never knew existed - listen to the fascinating history of those who were here before you and once walked where you are now


At Vidal Expeditions we ensure that we preserve the world around us during our treks and activities. We respect Mother Nature (Pacha-Mama) and want to teach others about the importance of doing so we only have one world. Let’s keep it how nature intended it to be for the next generation to explore and love


Love needs no explanation. It is all around us in people and places. I have loved the Andes all of my life and get back from them so much more from the time that I give them. Please share this with us whether you are new to entire and experiences or you already chase your dreams, open your heart to all that makes you smile and takes your breath away. Love your life and make the most of it. Love the world and protect it

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