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About us

Vidal Expeditions is based in Cusco, Peru. The owner, Vidal Gamboa, was born in the Andes and has lived here his whole life. Since he was 15-years-old, he has worked in different tours in the Cusco region-- as a cook, then after studying tourism he became a tour guide, and also spent some years studying mountaineering in Huaraz. His native language is Quechua, as all native Andean people. Growing up in a small Quechuan village ignited his passion for hiking the surrounding mountains and exploring his heritage.

Why should I travel with Vidal Expeditions?

Because we are an original local company with the best and safest equipment, we are the best way to make your unique experience in Cusco and Peru.

Our Team

Our Tour Guides are chosen for their professionalism, passion to explore, and desire to share in new experiences. They have hiked hundreds of miles all over Peru, slept under the stars, done almost every activity there is in the area, and they are keen to introduce you to the places that their ancestors called home. Our Tour Guides will get you where you want to go in the most informative and adventurous way, and they might even show you some secret spots along the way. But their real job is to make sure that you have the adventure of a lifetime!

All of our tour guides have learned English at one of the most established English schools in Peru, then specialized ICPNA-CUSCO (Centro CulturaPeruano Notre Americano) as a part of Michigan University. In addition, every tour guide has been trained in safety and first aid.

Our Goals

  • Provide sustainable and informative tours in Cusco and Peru
  • Educate about Incan culture and its history
  • Offer a memorable and enjoyable Hiking and Climbing experience

Our Vision

We offer quality and personalized tours, no matter the type. Those who choose to take a train to Machu Picchu are treated with the same dedication as those who spend days hiking­ and climbing through the mountains.

Our Ambitions

We hope to build an entirely sustainable company that provides top-quality service to visitors, while at the same time, develop methods to provide children and families in the Cusco region with opportunities for education and support.

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