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+51 951 359 694

+51 951 359 694

Optional Gears or Equipment to Rent

VIDAL EXPEDITIONS, To provide you the best service and feel comfortable along our tour we use the best  equipment to rent for all customers  here more detail about those.


We use mummy style sleeping bags that are usable in  -20° C / 5° F. Please note that if you are over 1.95 meters / 6'4" tall, you won't be able to find a sleeping bag rental in Cusco. In this case, it is recommended to bring your own. We provide liners to everyone, that are machine washed between every use. These do need to be included in your duffel weight.

PRICE: $20.00USD


A foam mat is included to separate and insulate you from the ground. For added comfort, you may want to consider upgrading, by renting an inflatable sleeping pad, which adds three inches of comfort on top of the provided foam mat. We use Thermarest and Eureka inflatable air mattresses.

PRICE:  $15.00USD


From casual weekend jaunts to extended backpacking trips in the mountains, the Trail Trekking Pole expertly balances comfort, features and affordability. Dual FlickLocks offer complete adjustability to suit the terrain to accommodate changing trail surfaces.



We have day bags of different size in case you don’t have you can rent those from the VIDAL EXPEDITIONS office, those are especially for hike and has rain cover.

PRICE:  $15.00USD

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