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Climbing In Cusco

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Climbing Adventure During Your Journey

The climbing sport in Cusco becoming more popular in recent years in Cusco, that because Cusco has varied of rock some of them located just in the upper part of the city and it is easy to reach there and practice some rock climbing sports. For the Mountain climb, we just need to drive a few hours in any derections of Cusco, There you will find some mountains peak over 5,300m / 17388ft. We have some range surrounding to Cusco. Urubamba mountain range, which has more than twenty peak, the highest one is the Veronika with 5,890m/19,334ft. Vilcabamba mountain range, located in the Norht east of Cusco, its highest peak Salkantay 6271m /20,574ft. and finally the Vilcanota mountain range, located in the southern part of Cusco, it highest peak Ausangate 6,384m / 20,796ft.

To practice the Rock climbing or Mountain climb in Cusco, you need a proper climbing equipment that offers you maximun safety while you are enjoying these sports, Mountain climbing like rock climbing, is a risky activity and not to be taken lightly no matter how easy or benign your chosen peak might seem. Looks can be deceiving. The mountains are filled with danger and drama. Lightning strikes can stab out of a clear sky. Thunderstorms quickly form and drench you with rain and sleet. Rockfall and avalanches sweep down mountain faces. Difficulties can slow you, forcing you to bivouac in the open. You or your climbing partner can have an accident, causing all kinds of complications.