What are the best places to visit in Cusco Peru?

Here we have some information that can help you to know a little about Cusco and its tourist attractions!

Cusco, also known as Qosqo, is the most visited city in Peru. Due to its history, this place was the capital of the Inca kingdom. It is located at about 3,365 meters (11,010 ft) above sea level. According to an Inca myth current at the time of the conquest, the founding Incas, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, emerged from lake Titicaca at the island of the Sun and the Moon, sent to earth by the solar deities to bring culture to a barbarous world. They founded their civilization and the Inca city of Cusco.

The Inca empire was called Tawantinsuyo (the four quarters of the earth), Cusco was its heart, and its exact center was considered to be the main square of the city. Most of Cusco’s Inca settlement was clustered on the ridge between the Tullumayo and Saphi rivers. Its tightly thatched and steeply pitched roofs gave the buildings an almost spired look. The streets were narrow stone alleys between high walls enclosing courtyards the size of city blocks

The Highlight of Cusco city center

Main Square, a big area to explore the ancient Inca & Spanish buildings with a lot of history, San Pedro Market, which allows you to know a little bit more about the local traditions, and the San Blas neighborhood, a great place to learn about textiles and paintings, also have great views of the Cusco valley. Museums: Cusco has many museums that show you the history before and after the conquerors. These museums also contain many Inca artifacts founded on different ancient buildings.

Cusco city view

What is the best time to visit Cusco?

The location of Cusco makes it a totally different city compared to others in Peru and South America. Surrounded by mountains at 3,365 meters (11,010 feet), the best time to visit this beautiful city is:

May to October: (Dry season with rarely rain) The temperature varied between 22°-26° Celsius (70° and 78° Fahrenheit); however, during the night it can descend to 7°C – 9°C (44°-48° Fahrenheit).
November – Abril: (Rainy season with rare sunny days) Compared to the dry season, those months are not very cold, due to the temperature varying between 12°C – 21°C (53° – 69° Fahrenheit) and descending a little bit at night.

The great months to visit Cusco is May, June and September due the dry season and not very cold.

Adventure Tours and Expeditions

The region of Cusco has the most incredible landscape which offers a varied of adventure and expeditions.


Hiking Tours around Cusco

Peru and Cusco Region is a fabulous country for everything from day hikes to treks and backpacking. This is a wide-open country; there are no «Keep out» signs or barbed-wire fences. Very intrepid adventurers with a compass and map could reach the Peruvian coast if they wanted. The views are astounding, and the countryside is endlessly varied.

Day hikes

Not lot of time required to visit some highlight of Cusco during the day tour hikes, The famous Rainbow Mountain that you can visit in a day tour enjoying the fascinating natural colors of the mountain, Humantay Lake, a beautiful turquoise lake, also available to do in a day tour from Cusco. Palcoyo mountain, an alternative rainbow mountain if you are looking for less visited, this is well recommended.

Multiday Treks

The Inca Trail is justifiably famous but very heavily used. meanwhile there are dozens of other hikes and circuits in the area. Some less well known ones are suggested in the appropriate chapters. The Ausangate Trek  circuit is a rigorous gem of a high-altitude hike. While the Salkantay Trek offers a combination of high mountain passes and cloud-forest environments.  New routes have opened up to Machu Picchu area as a great alternatives to the Inca Trail.  Inca Jungle Tour was designed for adventure people who loves to combine different activities before to reach the lost city of the Incas.

Lares Trek is another hike that take you to explore the real Andean life visiting some local communities who still preserve their traditions. Choquequirao Trek, is the most challenging hike that you can find in Cusco, on this hike you will explore the most enigmatic landscapes surrounded by snow- capped mountains, cloud-forest and wildlife on the high Peruvian Jungle.

Adventure Tours

The Cusco region has lot of terrain that be use for different outdoor activities:

Mountain Biking

Biking Tour Cusco

However, Cusco has terrifc routes for Mountain biking, with innumerable bikeable trails close to the city and many more starting a day’s drive away. It is easy to put your bike on the roof rack of almost any local bus and travel to trail heads. Different route for beginners and experienced people, downhill, enduro, or just a cycling path.

River Rafting

Rafting Cusco

As the ancient Inca capital, Cusco, is an excellent base for kayaking and rafting on some of the wild Andean rivers. The following are the main rivers that run commercially out of Cusco: Sacred Valley River and great options for beginners or a family trip. The Santa Maria River is also recommended for beginners and experienced people with classes I, II, and III with some rapids. Apurimac River rafting is well known as the famous place to practice this activity due to the route being recommended for people who already have some experience in classes II-III-IV-V & V+.

Atv and Zip line

Zipline in Cusco

Around the last few years, these activities became popular, and there are many companies that offer a day tour combining ATV tours and ziplining with incredible views near the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Rock Climbing and Mountaineering 

As Cusco is located in the middle of the Andes, there are multi-day tours that offers these activities, from rock climbing around Cusco to climbing snow mountain on the different Andean ranges over 5,000 meters, for some of these is required some experience.

Cultural Day Tours

Humantay Lake Day Tour

Exploring the history of Cusco, you will have varied tours that will take you to discover the most incredible places. The Sacred Valley is one of the most famous tours that allows you to explore the iconic ancient buildings, Pisaq, Ollantaytambo, and Chinchero. Also,  there is the option to visit the Salt Mines of Maras and the Moray archaeological site. The South Valley of Cusco offers some important highlights and allows you to visit less explored Inca buildings and colonial churches. The city tour of Cusco is another tour that must be on your bucket list because it will take you to visit the most important ancient buildings around Cusco city.




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